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The History of the Kings of Britain Completed In 1136, The History Of The Kings Of Britain Traces The Story Of The Realm From Its Supposed Foundation By Brutus To The Coming Of The Saxons Some Two Thousand Years Later Vividly Portraying Legendary And Semi Legendary Figures Such As Lear, Cymbeline, Merlin The Magician And The Most Famous Of All British Heroes, King Arthur, It Is As Much Myth As It Is History And Its Veracity Was Questioned By Other Medieval Writers But Geoffrey Of Monmouth S Powerful Evocation Of Illustrious Men And Deeds Captured The Imagination Of Subsequent Generations, And His Influence Can Be Traced Through The Works Of Malory, Shakespeare, Dryden And Tennyson.

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    Very odd, but popular medieval English work it survives in a relatively large number of manuscripts and is mostly fictional It is an entirely remarkable book coming from a remarkable place, from the edge of Norman rule it creates or assumes a new identity, rooted in the mythical past of Wales but looking deep into mainland Europe Britain is the island of immigra

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    Rule Brittania14 February 2018 Siem Reap Maybe I should have written my review on A Farewell to Arms on Valantine s Day as opposed to some semi mythological text about a bunch of British kings that probably never existed, but then again I ve never been a big fan of Valantine s Day, especially when I started working only to discover that in an office environment you s

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    This book is not only about OrIt is about a bunch of crazy people that lived throughout the history of Britain, all the way to the time this book was written and the hopeful return of the Once and Future King , from the Trojans to the Anglo Saxons, with a lot of myth mixed in The book itself is very inaccurate, but it has early accounts of King Lear and Arthur Pendragon,

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    Au XII me si cle, en Angleterre, quelques d cennies apr s l invasion normande de Guillaume le Conqu rant, Geoffroy de Monmouth, clerc rudit, r digea cette Histoire des rois de Bretagne afin de doter sa nation de toute le lustre d une antiquit riche en hauts faits A l instar d un Virgile, il invente une dynastie qu il fait remonter l ancienne Troie, et lui donne la m me parent

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    This is a very interesting read, especially for Arthurian buffs The book s description of Geoffrey as a sometimes less than reliable historian is some serious understatement even Geoffrey slearned contemporaries understood this history to be largely a product of the author s own imagination But it s an important book nonetheless In the course of Geoffrey s 2,000 year tale, he prese

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    it is easier for a kite to be made to act like a sparrow hawk than for a wise man to be fashioned at short notice from a peasant He who offers any depth of wisdom to such a person is acting as though he were throwing a pearl among swine Well, the short way to express my opinion of The History of the Kings of Britain is simply to say this this book is a big freakin deal Although this ac

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    Have you ever heard of the Reduced Shakespeare Company They were a comedy troupe who specialized in abbreviated versions of Shakespeare s plays Supposedly, they hold the record for the quickest performance of Hamlet, clocking in at 43 seconds Impressive, huh No less impressive is Geoffrey of Monmouth In The History of the Kings of Britain, he blazes through about 2000 years in less than 300

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    Geoffrey of Monmouth s History of the Kings of Britain is the story of all the legendary kings of Britian, from the founder, Brutus, the grandson of Aeneas, down to the last king of Britain, Cadwalladr On the way, Geoffrey recounts the tales of King Leir, Cymbeline, and Julius Caesar s invasion of Britain Most importantly, however, one fifth of the book is devoted to retelling the life story of K

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    This is a classic example of crafting a national identity Geoffrey promulgated a completely new history for the Normans Vikings who settled in northern France for a while before accumulating enough money and arms to invade Britain that cast them as the noble descendents of Romans Brutus, no less who briefly left their true and native Britain while the real invaders, the Saxons, occupied it You see, th

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    A very beautiful book by Geoffrey of Monmouth, which was written around 1136 The book is not exactly a historical book, as it combines historical accounts and inaccurate facts with legend however, it is an enchanting book of the medieval times The book narrates the lives of key kings of Britain throughout a period of two thousand years, from its foundation alleged...

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