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City Squares This is a wonderfully conceived and beautifully designed book The concept is simple but alluring get 16 writers to write about 16 famous squares, using these essays as a frame to examine the political, social, cultural and of course historical significance of the city square It is an alluring look at how city squares can become enormously powerful symbols not just of cities but nations sites of not just jingoistic nationalism but protest The book works partly on the basis of the strength of the writing and the best essays were deeply personal Rory Stewart writing about his attempts to recreate a public space in Afghanistan Avi Shalit writing about Rabin square in Tel Aviv sterile and symbolic a Mexican writer sharing her experiences of the main square in Mexico City Some were of course notable for the expertise of the writers Anne Applebaum on Russia Evan Osmos on China Adam Gopnik on Paris If I could have one complaint it would be the lack of local and personal voices As good as Osmos is on the historical significance of Tiananmen I would have loved to hear a young Chinese protester talk about the significance of the square to them The predominance of Western voices even in writing about non Western places is a problem but thankfully no I loved the way the essays described City Squares and their impact on public life It s divided thematically, but the common threads are briefly 1 Squares as a place for public displays intermittent but intense social action vs squares as a place for public relaxation 2 When squares are used as a place for public protests, their use tends to be sporadic But they do provide an easy place to organise 3 Who builds squares and has an interest in maintaining them How often do private interests intrude and recolonise the square see Taksim Square and Djemaa El Fnaa And how does that apply to digital squares Brief summaries of the essays are Part One Culture Power of the PlaceThis section felt rather nostalgic in describing public squares and their history Rory Stewart s essay on Kabul s square deals with the history of the square and how private interests tend to come back to colonise the square Perhaps it s a function of the culture as he observes that people usually stick to the shelter of the old streets Adam Gopnik s essay on Place Des Vosges in Paris talks about the two types of squares which he identifies as the declamatory and the domestic He suggests that the latter is a shared garden, which he lovingly describes as the Place Des Vosges We see its shadowy arcades and hear the twilight sound of heels on granite, we recall children playing on the slide in the inner par Beautiful and thoughtful meditations on city squares Sort of indulgent for the travelers among us. I ve always been interested in the layouts of cities, the contrast between old and new, how one would go about designing a city from scratch and how that differs from organically evolved cities, and the general masses of people living in on area the the point I sometimes question whether I should have studied that in my education This book does a great job on touching on many of these aspects of urban design, centered on the city square and how it affects and shapes a city s culture and how the culture comes back and shapes the square.The main themes in this book are how squares have always been around and always had a political tilt both in the democratic sense of people protesting and overthrowing those in power or the converse where dictatorships utilize the squares to demonstrate their military might over the people It s a story that s been told 1,000 different ways throughout various lands and times This book does a good job of going through varied different countries, eras, and cultur This was one of those books where it listed some of the places I have visited, and I was curious to read what other peoples impressions were of those places The photographs are lovely, but are without a caption, so it s hard to locate, especially within the narrative of each essay Some of the essays were great to read, but some were hard to get into The most interesting essay was on Hacker Square , and the idea that kids these days don t n with parallels to my Picnic Diaries work, this book looks at the public space for celebration marketing exchanges and political discontent It is now a stage easily projected internationally than any other time in history yet Australian conversations seem to be about comparing the fireworks of new year between Sydney Harbour and along the Melbourne Yarra and Docklands precincts These are often people of Italian descent who seek to have a piazza in every locality and yet there is no real conversation only toxic put downs of people who seek discourse and understanding of all our differences of opinion and backgrounds toward harmonious futures The question has to be faced about how we respect each other privately so that when we share publicly difference of opinion and experience sits where it sits without having to push anyone else aside as less or not relevant or whatever, because obviously even bad attitudes can be changed only through discourse rather than silence Rather than appropriate to take over someone s territory we need to be appropriate in right rela An unusual premise for a book but it really works There is plenty of variety to the essays in this collection, and I found it easier to dip in and out that read a large chunk in one sitting.Rory Stewart s essay on Kabul Some essays worked for me and some did not It s like reading a New Yorker Cities special since most of the contributors also write for the New Yorker The categorization of essays into history, culture, etc just does not seem to make sense and perhaps may limited the author s ability while writ In This Important Collection, Eighteen Renowned Writers, Including David Remnick, Zadie Smith, Rebecca Skloot, Rory Stewart, And Adam Gopnik Evoke The Spirit And History Of Some Of The World S Most Recognized And Significant City Squares, Accompanied By Illustrations From Equally Distinguished Photographers.Over Half Of The World S Citizens Now Live In Cities, And This Number Is Rapidly Growing At The Heart Of These Municipalities Is The Square The Defining Urban Public Space Since The Dawn Of Democracy In Ancient Greece Each Square Stands For A Larger Theme In History Cultural, Geopolitical, Anthropological, Or Architectural, And Each Of The Eighteen Luminary Writers Has Contributed His Or Her Own Innate Talent, Prodigious Research, And Local Knowledge.Divided Into Three Parts Culture, Geopolitics, History, Headlined By Michael Kimmelman, David Remnick, And George Packer, This Significant Anthology Shows The City Square In New Light Jehane Noujaim, Award Winning Filmmaker, Takes The Reader Through Her Return To Tahrir Square During The 2011 Protest Rory Stewart, Diplomat And Author, Chronicles A Square In Kabul Which Has Come And Gone Several Times Over Five Centuries Ari Shavit Describes The Dramatic Changes Of Central Tel Aviv S Rabin Square Rick Stengel, Editor, Author, And Journalist, Recounts The Power Of Mandela S Choice Of The Grand Parade, Cape Town, A Huge Market Square To Speak To The World Right After His Release From Twenty Seven Years In Prison While Award Winning Journalist Gillian Tett Explores The Concept Of The Virtual Square In The Age Of Social Media.This Collection Is An Important Lesson In History, A Portrait Of The World We Live In Today, As Well As An Exercise In Thinking About The Future Evocative And Compelling, City Squares Will Change The Way You Walk Through A City.Contributors Include David Adjaye On Jemma E Fnna, Marrakech Anne Applebaum On Red Square, Moscow And Grand Market Square, Krakow Chrystia Freeland On Euromaiden, Kiev Adam Gopnik On Place Des Vosges, Paris Alma Guillermoprieto On Zocalo, Mexico City Jehane Noujaim On Tahrir Square, Cairo Evan Osnos On Tiananmen Square, Beijing Andrew Roberts On Residential Squares, London Elif Shafak On Taksim Square, Istanbul Rebecca Skloot On American Town Squares Ari Shavit On Rabin Square, Tel Aviv Zadie Smith On The Grand Piazzas Of Rome And Venice Richard Stengel On Market Square, Grand Parade, Cape Town Rory Stewart On Murad Khane, Kabul Plus Contributions By Gillian Tett, George Packer, David Remnick, And Michael Kimmelman Illustrations And Photographs From Renowned Photographers, Including Thomas Struth, Philip Lorca Di Corcia, And Josef Koudelka This book was absolutely incredible Amazing essays by a great group of writers and strong photos paired with them Definitely recommend.

About the Author: Catie Marron

Catie Marron, whose career has encompassed investment banking, magazine journalism, and public service, is currently chairman of the board of directors of Friends of the High Line a trustee of the New York Public Library, where she was chairman of the board for seven years and a contributing editor to Vogue.The idea for both her books, CITY PARKS and CITY SQUARES, began on trips in Europe When

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