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This Is Where You Belong The Average Restless American Will Move 11.7 Times In A Lifetime For Melody Warnick, It Was Move 6, From Austin, Texas, To Blacksburg, Virginia, That Threatened To Unhinge Her In The Lonely Aftermath Of Unpacking, She Wondered Aren T We Supposed To Put Down Roots At Some Point How Does Where We Live Become The Place Where We Want To Stay This Time, She Had An Epiphany Rather Than Hold Her Breath And Hope This New Town Would Be Her Family S Perfect Fit, She Would Figure Out How To Fall In Love With It No Matter What How We Come To Feel At Home In Our Towns And Cities Is What Warnick Sets Out To Discover In This Is Where You Belong She Dives Into The Body Of Research Around Place Attachment The Deep Sense Of Connection That Binds Some Of Us To Our Cities And Increases Our Physical And Emotional Well Being Then Travels To Towns Across America To See It In Action Inspired By A Growing Movement Of Placemaking, She Examines What Its Practitioners Are Doing To Create Likeable Locales She Also Speaks With Frequent Movers And Loyal Stayers Around The Country To Learn What Draws Highly Mobile Americans To A New City, And What Makes Us Stay The Best Ideas She Imports To Her Adopted Hometown Of Blacksburg For A Series Of Love Where You Live Experiments Designed To Make Her Feel Locally Connected Dining With Her Neighbors Shopping Small Business Saturday Marching In The Town Christmas Parade Can These Efforts Make A Halfhearted Resident Happier Will Blacksburg Be The Place Where She Finally Stays What Warnick Learns Will Inspire You To Embrace Your Own Community And Perhaps Discover That The Place Where You Live Right Now Is Home.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the This Is Where You Belong book, this is one of the most wanted Melody Warnick author readers around the world.

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    Asking myself, What would someone who loves Blacksburg do had become a regular mental refrain Would a person who loves their town go to the concert in the park Would a person who loves their town pick up the nasty piece of trash in the road Yes Yes, they would.Sometimes I wonder about journalists Oftentimes

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    NO SPOILERS I want to put This Is Where You Belong into the hands of every chronic mover and every rooted that is, those people who keep moving in search of the perfect fit and those who are the exact opposite, who love where they live and never want to move I found it affirming and enlightening in equal parts, and

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    Oh dear A book of platitudes that attempts to add gravitas by citing lots and lots of research or, what I would less charitably call, statements of the bleedin obvious.The vacuity of its 257 pages is neatly summarized by the closing Love Where You Live Principles There are 11, but these three should give a good sense of w

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    I read this with a book group discussion and I m so glad it was chosen for the spring read.While there was no new earth shattering information for me, there was so many things worth thinking about and considering It took me a while to fully get into it because at first I didn t identify with the author, but theI read along theI

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    Close to eight years ago, just a month after our wedding, my husband and I loaded up a truck and moved from Michigan to Richmond, Virginia Neither of us had jobs in our new city, which we only visited once and chose with some pretty limited knowledge On paper, it wasn t the smartest decision I ever made In reality The best.We adore Ric

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    It s no secret that I really do not love my new city I ve been here just over a year I picked this up to attempt to learn how to appreciate it I ve got so many thoughts, some of which I m still mulling Warnick makes many good points, and there are certainly some suggestions I could employ to better app...

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    I waffled between 3 and 4 stars for this Mostly because the book didn t offer many insights, and I m annoyed with myself because I kind of knew in advance that it wouldn t I mean, coming to appreciate a community just isn t that complicated You go to local events, patronize local businesses, participate in the locally available activities, and try t

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    I don t know when a nonfiction book has hit so close to home for me Perhaps it s because I m a Mover , one of those people who pack up and move for one reason or another For me, it has been jobs in Upper Arlington, Ohio Huron, Ohio Port Charlotte, Florida Lee County, Florida Glendale, Arizona Evansville, Indiana While journalist Melody Warnick had to learn

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    This will either work for you, or it won t, depending on whether you can empathize with any of the diverse points of view Warnick offers For example, I do believe her when she speaks of how starting over in a fresh place can help one start over in one s healthy living habits I also appreciate her specific examples of how to actually connect with one s community i

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    This book is in the same family as Gretchen Rubin s The Happiness Project Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun This particular branch of the self help tree concerns itself with giving practical, useful advice to people with vague feelings of unhappiness and disconnection First wor

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