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Very, Very, Very Dreadful I enjoyed all the history I was getting from this book Interesting and fascinating how the world of medicine works. With plenty of research and photographs, Marrin delves deep into influenza But before doing that, there is a long introduction several chapters worth of information about epidemics, pandemics, animals, viruses, humans, history, etc to give a very detailed and very complete picture I like a little every man narrative nonfiction and this felt a bit specialized audience because of the thickness of the text and how the information was delivered While I learned quite a few things the amount of viruses they think are in the ocean and it s equivalent weight measured in whales , it was hard to remember because the information just kept coming With an eye catching cover, a fabulous title, and a crazy story of the pandemic itself, I need it to be a bit digestible Less narrative nonfiction and informational It wasn t an easy lunch read, I can tell you that much From National Book Award Finalist Albert Marrin Comes A Fascinating Look At The History And Science Of The Deadly Flu Pandemic And The Chances For Another Worldwide PandemicIn Spring Of , World War I Was Underway, And Troops At Fort Riley, Kansas, Found Themselves Felled By Influenza By The Summer Of , The Second Wave Struck As A Highly Contagious And Lethal Epidemic And Within Weeks Exploded Into A Pandemic, An Illness That Travels Rapidly From One Continent To Another It Would Impact The Course Of The War, And Kill Many Millions Soldiers Than Warfare ItselfOf All Diseases, The Flu Was By Far The Worst That Has Ever Afflicted Humankind Not Even The Black Death Of The Middle Ages Comes Close In Terms Of The Number Of Lives It Took No War, No Natural Disaster, No Famine Has Claimed So Many In The Space Of Eighteen Months In , About Million People One Third Of The Global Population At The Time Came Down With Influenza The Exact Total Of Lives Lost Will Never Be Known, But The Best Estimate Is Between And Million In This Powerful Book, Filled With Black And White Photographs, Nonfiction Master Albert Marrin Examines The History, Science, And Impact Of This Great Scourge And The Possibility For Another Worldwide Pandemic Today Generally this book was ok, but my main criticism is that the description of the work that nurses did during the pandemic was reduced to fluffing pillows, saying kind words to patients, and being pretty faces The author does acknowledge that the work they did was physically and emotionally exhausting and that nurses were willing to put their own health at risk to help others, but offered no description of what that work actually entailed, beyond fluffing pillows and kind words I m certain that the work that nurses did went far beyond this. I actually really liked this book I would give it 5 stars but I save those Ha ha This book is full of information that is so interesting to learn about Not just the flu but viruses and the way they are spread The history of medical practices and war and really it s just so interesting I love medical stuff and history so I found this very fascinating It s not told like a story and not quite a textbook Just information that keeps you listening The library took it back before I could go back to my bookmarks and hear those again Darn it If you like Gulp or Stiff you will like this as well. Supremely interesting I ve been looking for a readable book about the Spanish Flu so named, I learned, because WWI neutral Spain was the first country to report on it, as the fighting powers didn t want their enemies to know the truth about their rapidly sickening troops for years, and this fit the ticket perfectly Did you know the 1918 Flu killed Americans than the US military lost in WWI WWII Korea Vietnam True story A note to the editors pg 130 you ll want to check your German translation of the war is over der Krieg ist ber is the literal word for word translation, but it s not correct Either der Krieg ist vorbei or der Krieg ist aus would be accurate. Public library copyThis is the sort of book that I love, but there was something about it that didn t make the topic interesting The page formatting was also a bit odd there was no need for two column text Love this author s Flesh and Blood So Cheap, but this one had detail than even I wanted Considering that I struggle to get students to check out narrative nonfiction that I like, I think I will pass on purchase. This was a very fascinating book and I really enjoyed it I think one of the most interesting things about this topic is how little it is discussed in the history books and classes I was a former history teacher and took several history classes in college and I cannot recollect this pandemic ever being than just mentioned as a side note This was a major world event I my flu vaccine How is it that I didn t learn about the 1918 flu pandemic in school I mean, we studied WWI, though perhaps not in much depth end of the textbook syndrome where the end often gets truncated due to time constraints I don t recall any mention of how much influence flu had on that war or the world at large This is the second book I ve read looking at this particular epidemic and this one at first reads especially YA I think at one point the book explains what vodka is But as I read on, that bothered me less The end is a bit sensational, it felt perhaps a bit too much, but then it s a serious concern Worth reading and definitely worth sharing with the teens around you The number of people I know who seem to think the flu is no big deal and vaccination something that can be skipped is deeply concerning to me Perhaps a better understanding of what happened in 1918 would help influence people to make better choices. Horribly boring and completely fascinating all at the same time They found the guy from all the black and white school movies from the 1970s and had him narrate this book or it seems like it The voice was nostalgic and coma inducing, but the information was so interesting I knew that there was a flu pandemic in 1918, but this book helps readers understand how it affected the many things going on around the world at the time The book also helped to explain viruses themselves and how they mutate and spread A super great nerd read Loved it

About the Author: Albert Marrin

Albert Marrin is a historian and the author of than twenty nonfiction books for young people He has won various awards for his writing, including the 2005 James Madison Book Award and the 2008 National Endowment for Humanities Medal In 2011, his book Flesh and Blood So Cheap was a National Book Award Finalist Marrin is the Chairman of the History Department at New York s Yeshiva University.

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