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Love for Imperfect Things M t quy n s ch c th g i l chicken soup v self help Quy n th 2 c a Haemin sau B c ch m l i gi a d ng i v i v Quy n n y hay h n nhi u V n c ch vi t ch n th nh kh ng l n tay n n g i, kh ng d y i, i c a ng i c n nh ng c u chuy n v n v t nh ng tri t l nh nh ng, d hi u Kh ng qu sa v o Ph t ph p, hay th hi n t i n ng c a b n th n, ng khi m nh ng th hi n c i t i ch A 1 Internationally Bestselling Book Of Spiritual Wisdom About Learning To Love Ourselves, With All Our Imperfections, By The Buddhist Author Of The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down When You Care For Yourself First, The World Begins To Find You Worthy Of Care No One Is Perfect, But That Shouldn T Hold Us Back From Love For The World, For One Another, Or Even For Ourselves In This Beautifully Illustrated Guide, Buddhist Teacher Haemin Sunim Whose Name Means Spontaneous Wisdom Draws On Examples From His Own Life And On His Years Of Helping Others To Introduce Us To The Art Of Self Care When We Treat Ourselves With Compassion, Empathy, And Forgiveness, We Learn To Treat Others The Same Way, Allowing Us To Connect With People On A Deeper Level, Bounce Back From Failure, Deal With Feeling Hurt Or Depressed, Listen Attentively, Express Ourselves Clearly, And Have The Courage To Pursue What Really Makes Us Happy So We Can Feel Complete In Ourselves With Than Thirty Five Full Color Illustrations, Love For Imperfect Things Will Appeal To Both Your Eyes And Your Heart, Offering You Comfort, Encouragement, And Wisdom So That You Can Learn To Love Yourself, Your Life, And Everyone In It. I think such books are considered self help books, and I m going through these like drinking fresh water in a hot summer day I love positive books about peace, meditation, mindfulness, and acceptance I always feel sleepy after Haemin Sunim writes wonderful little books I keep his first one on my bedside table to refer to when life seems hard This one I read straight through, and I m glad Sure, some bits read like Wisdom McNuggets, but far capture a way of being in The essays in this book are deceptively simple They are not earth shattering revelations, but instead are quiet, peaceful reflections on life and how best to live it, starting by accepting the most meaningful of imperfect things, ourselves The short, poetic pearls of wisdom that follow each essay can be taken in all at once as quick reinforcing readings about the chapter, or each one might be considered on its own as a daily meditation Either way, none are the koans and conundrum Just like his first book, this is a collection of essays, anecdotes and quotes The book is split up in chapters that deal with one certain topic, such as acceptance, empathy and self care I especially liked the anecdotes because they give an interesting view into the life of a buddhist monk, and it shows us that no M nh mua cu n s ch n y trong ng y sinh nh t Ng m l i cu c s ng c a ch nh m nh, ta s nh n th y r t nhi u i u kh ng ho n h o Tr c h t, ch nh n v o b n th n m nh th i ta c m nh n c nhi u thi u s t r i l i n i v h nh ng m u thu n v i nhau, v ng v trong nh ng m i quan h x h i, chuy n h c h nh, c ng vi c kh ng su n s nh mu n Ch a k i khi ta c n khi n ng i kh c t n th ng, th m ch c n l m nh ng vi c khi n b n th n c m th y t i l i v h i h n V khi nh n v o nh ng ng i th n trong gia nh, b n b , ng nghi p, ta c ng nh n th y nh ng i u kh ng ho n h o t ng t nh v y.Nh ng d ang s ng gi a th gian y r y nh ng i u kh ng ho n h o, ta v n kh ng th ng ng y u th ng ch nh nh ng i u kh ng ho n h o y Cu c s ng r t ng tr n tr ng, ta kh ng th ph ho i cu c s ng v o vi c m a mai hay c m gh t th g ch v kh ng th hi u c n ho c n kh ng v a ta.Mong sao nh ng d ng ch nh b c a t i c th em n cho c gi d Levenswijsheden zijn niet te koop behalve in de vorm van twee boekjes van Haemin Sunim.Ook deze staat weer vol met mooie overwegingen die je aan het denken kunnen zetten of een snaar kunnen raken Niet ieder stukje doet evenveel met je maar misschien betekent dat stukje net wel heel veel meer voor een ander, dat kan ik me heel goed voorstellen.Ook weer zoeentje dat nu ik een idee heb van wat er in dit boekje staat, ik hem nog vaak open zal slaan voor een bepaalde passage of voor een steuntje in de rug op een bepaald gebied erg fijn dat ze een beetje thematisch gebundeld zijn De langere overwegingen hier spreken me minder aan dan in de vorige, maar wat ik mooier vind is dat er tekst bij in de illustraties staat.Net als bij de vorige vind ik de titel niet perfect maar haha, ik zie nu pas wat ik da If you are looking for a self help book to start your New Years off right, this is the book for you In a easy to read format, these verses will help you heal from negative thoughts The chapters were broken down into different categories Self Care, Family, Empathy, Relationships, Courage, Healing, Enlightenment and Acceptance It made me feel better to know that even a Buddhist monk struggled with depression and sadness There were ma

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