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Out Of My Mind Alan Arkin, One Of The Most Beloved And Accomplished Actors Of Our Time, Reveals A Side Of Himself Not Often Shown On Stage Or Screen.Like Many Teenagers, 16 Year Old Alan Arkin Had It All Figured Out Then Came Young Adulthood, And With It A Wave Of Doubt So Strong It Caused Him To Question Everything He Thought He Knew About Himself And The World Ever Skeptical And Full Of Questions, Arkin Embarked On A Spiritual Journey To Find Something Anything To Believe In An Existential Crisis In His 30s Led Him To The Study Of Eastern Philosophy Soon He Began Opening Himself To The Possibility That There Was To Life Than What He Had Simply Seen, Heard, Or Been Taught.In This Audible Original Mini Memoir, The 84 Year Old Actor Shares His Powerful Spiritual Experiences, From His Brush With Reincarnation To The Benefits Of Meditation In A Gruff, Earthy Voice That Sounds Suited To A New York Cabbie Than A Spiritual Guide, He Shows Us That Wisdom Can Come From The Most Unexpected Places And Teachers Out Of My Mind Is A Candid, Relatable, And Delightfully Irreverent Take On How One Man Went Searching For Meaning And Ended Up Discovering Himself.

About the Author: Alan Arkin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Out Of My Mind book, this is one of the most wanted Alan Arkin author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Out Of My Mind

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    I enjoyed this The reviews I read below seemed misguided This is man in his 70s or 80s reflecting on his inner experiences, there is something to be learned when older people speak.

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    Too much self analysis for me I like and respect Alan Arkin, but I wasn t expecting to go to therapy with him

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    OUT OF MY MIND by Alan Arkin was a free Audible Original, so I figured why not I like autobiographies on audio, especially those of comedians I ve always admired Arkin so I thought I would give this a shot I knew going in that this was about Arkin s spiritual philosophical journey through life and not really

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    This pile of malarkey is aptly named, if nothing else For some reason, actors believe that average Americans want to hear their undigested self referential beliefs, no matter how poorly founded they are In fairness, I listened to the audio book of my own volition, so half of the blame is on me But still What a wagonl

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    No, I didn t really like this at all It was really hard to listen to It was a lot of, I don t even know what to say, mess Nothing flowed really well and it was just a droning monologue of a whole lot of nothing It was about Alan Arkin s search for something spiritual, maybe I m not even sure It was a difficult couple of hour

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    I m not sure what the point of this book was It s a narrowly focused memoir about Mr Arkin s spiritual quest but it s not particularly spiritual It s just a long series of anecdotes about things he has felt and experienced that seem extraordinary to him I repeat these events seem extraordinary to him If there is one thing that all t

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    Alan Arkin provides a narrative as an author, actor, father, husband and a man who s insights about meditation reveals his lifetime of spirituality He reveals how he circumnavigated his life of many miracles he has witnessed and discovered Many readers will broaden their knowledge of life to feel comfortable to think for themselves beyond s

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    Total and complete crap He totally lost me with his belief of some mystical Brazilian who cured people of cancer by doing surgery with a rusty pocket knife while in a trance Seriously HE BELIEVES THAT next up is the Easter bunny Good thing this drivel was free on Audible.

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    I really enjoyed the stories that he told about different acting experiences as they felt personal, and a touch voyeuristic I also felt that he was open with himself, talking about his mother, his stage fright and his conversations with a survivor of Hitler s death camps However, a good chunk of the book is about his personal religious convictions and what

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    I very much enjoyed Alan Arkin s open, honest and revelatory sharing about the unfolding of his consciousness, highlighting some key moments in his inner journey There is much wisdom to be found here Alan s stories about the indelible impacts of the Holocaust survivor, Esther Raab who never lost faith, the remarkable Brazilian surgeon, who removed tumors with a pe

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