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Radical Suburbs America S Suburbs Are Not The Homogenous Places We Sometimes Take Them For Today S Suburbs Are Racially, Ethnically, And Economically Diverse, With As Many Democratic As Republican Voters, A Growing Population Of Renters, And Rising Poverty The Cliche Of White Picket Fences Is Well Past Its Expiration DateThe History Of Suburbia Is Equally Surprising American Suburbs Were Once Fertile Ground For Utopian Planning, Communal Living, Socially Conscious Design, And Integrated Housing We Have Forgotten That We Built Suburbs Like These, Such As The Co Housing Commune Of Old Economy, Pennsylvania A Tiny House Anarchist Community In Piscataway, New Jersey A Government Planned Garden City In Greenbelt, Maryland A Racially Integrated Subdivision Before The Fair Housing Act In Trevose, Pennsylvania Experimental Modernist Enclaves In Lexington, Massachusetts And The Mixed Use, Architecturally Daring Reston, VirginiaInside Radical Suburbs Experimental Living On The Fringes Of The American City You Will Find Blueprints For Affordable, Walkable, And Integrated Communities, Filled With A Range Of Environmentally Sound Residential Options Radical Suburbs Is A History That Will Help Us Remake The Future And Rethink Our Assumptions Of Suburbia

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    I grew up in a typical suburb Silver Spring, Maryland ironically, the author s residence as well.My house was in a typical subdivision It was a brick split level on a lot of about 6000 ft , one of many identical houses in the subdivision that stretched for acre after mind numbing acre Everyon

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    This book is a short six chapters, each a vignette of a different community that highlights the surprising potential of suburbs the architecture, the ideas, the diversity or lack thereof Being from Northern Virginia, I was especially enthralled by the chapters about the New Deal city of Greenb

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    Here s an interesting excerpt Back in the early 1960s, Malvina Reynolds wrote a song called Little Boxes, inspired by a drive past rows of lookalike pastel hued houses in a new suburban housing tract in the Bay Area Her friend Pete Seeger had a hit with the song in 1963 Reynolds saw the cookie

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    This book was definitely well researched and well written The case studies were interesting and informative, although at times I found myself skimming ahead to get to the analysis after reading so many of the facts of the cases I was under the impression that the book would delve into contempor

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    I learned so much about suburban experiments and how they evolved and, in some cases, still exist Hurley visits the places and talks to long time residents and sometimes to experts or curators of the neighborhoods, and builds this book with layers of theory, research, and personal experience.

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    Very thought provoking and well written Only wish there could have been a comparative analysis of the other greenbelt towns of Greenhills, OH, and Greenfield, WI to the results in Greenbelt, MD as well as a chapter on Columbia, Maryland.

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    Radical Suburbs challenges the stereotypes regarding the American suburb providing six fascinating case studies that include communal living, utopian housing, and .The case studies provided by the author all may reside on the east coast but they are distinct examples of not just the kind of

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    this was a really good read i ve always disliked suburbs, mostly because the vast majority of them feel too cookie cutter and boring they also have served as a reminder of the places people who look like me weren t welcome in for such a long time however, it was really cool to learn about the suburb

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    True to her stated intention, the author showed how a few suburbs initially existed as radical spaces These examples showed that the common perception of suburbs as boring enclaves for moneyed whites does not tell the whole story In the end, however, several the author s examples of fringe communitie

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    A great chronological whistlestop tour of all the suburban typologies that break the nuclear family ticky tacky mold From religious communes to top down planned brutalist developments, the sub urb is a diverse development type with a longer history than is often acknowledged.In addition, special atten

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