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Arthurian Romances Taking The Legends Surrounding King Arthur And Weaving In New Psychological Elements Of Personal Desire And Courtly Manner, Chr Tien De Troyes Fashioned A New Form Of Medieval Romance The Knight Of The Cart Is The First Telling Of The Adulterous Relationship Between Lancelot And Arthur S Queen Guinevere, And In The Knight With The Lion Yvain Neglects His Bride In His Quest For Greater Glory Erec And Enide Explores A Knight S Conflict Between Love And Honour, Clig S Exalts The Possibility Of Pure Love Outside Marriage, While The Haunting The Story Of The Grail Chronicles The Legendary Quest Rich In Symbolism, These Evocative Tales Combine Closely Observed Detail With Fantastic Adventure To Create A Compelling World That Profoundly Influenced Malory, And Are The Basis Of The Arthurian Legends We Know Today.

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    It is not a bad edition It is well documented, with a very good bibligraphy, and with notes for text referring to the original and the translation For the translation is done in prose It preserves the original naivete and secret of the Britain m

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    Exams are finally over, time to return to books and Goodreads Will catch up on reviews as soon as I can.

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    Questo libro la raccolta di 5 romanzi medievali e leggendolo mi sono trovato proiettato indietro nel tempo, in un mondo affascinante e ben diverso dal nostro.L autore ci racconta storie intrise di lealt , eroismo, generosit e, soprattutto a, quell a cortese interpr

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    Arthurian romances is a particular favorite genre of mine to read Chretien de Troyes isor less the originator of some of the most famous episodes in the Arthurian mythos.In my junior year of high school, I took a class on Medieval literature and it was defiantly my favorite

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    I decided that the first book on my challenge this year was going to be one that I have been working on for like three years It s been brutal, you guys, I hate it Chretien was such a misogynist At one point this guy complains that women are all afraid to give in to their passions, so

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    I can t believe it s taken me so long to get round to reading this I ve had it on my reading list for ages before I knew it d be a set text and I m glad I finally got round to it It isn t a novel, as such, of course, but a set of somewhat connected stories, the last one of which is unfinished I

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    The predecessors to the medieval romance of which the Arthurian tales are probably the most famous were the chansons de geste songs of deeds , epic poetry written down in the 11th and early 12th centuries, though sung much earlier Their subject was war, which was plentiful, and martial honor, which was p

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    Originally published on my blog here in March 1998.This Everyman volume contains the four romances Erec et Enide, Clig s, Yvain and Lancelot, translated into prose It s always interesting to read the early source material for the Arthur legends Although I had read both the Mabinogion and Malory s Morte d Arthur, t

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    The British may have started the whole Arthurian movement, but the French really took it to the next level French writers added a number of innovations to the legend we know and love today, including the character of Lancelot Chr tien introduced the character in Erec and Enide, then added the whole Guinevere love wrinkle in

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    Cavalieri cortesi, belli e valorosi nobili dame e giovani pulzelle innamorate giostre e tenzoni mortali Un tuffo in un meraviglioso mondo passato, dove l onore e la parola data valgono pi della vita.Solo 4 stelle perch il r...

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