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Truths I Never Told You Truths I Never Told You is the first book by Kelly Rimmer that I have read and most certainly will not be the last She is an author that I have read so many good things about, and after finishing this book today I completely agree with them all What an emotional roller coaster I have been on with these characters in the last 24 hours It was a book that I didn t want to put down, completely invested in the story of this family.Truths I Told You is told in 2 different timelines in 1996, Beth Walsh and her siblings have made the tough decision to put their father Patrick into a care home as his dementia is worsening and doctors say hi doesn t have much longer to live While she is cleaning out the family home she comes across paintings her father has painted that she has never seen before There are also some old letters that are in her mothers handwriting Beth and her brothers and sisters have always believed that Grace died in a car accident but these letters tell another story, a much darker one.In 1957 we learn about Grace and Patrick s life, leading up to Graces death through her letters to herself.There are some really difficult subjects that this story covers I both time periods the women are suffering from post partum depression In the 50 s and 60 s women didn t have the same rights and choices that we do these days At times reading about Graces struggles was hard I feel that Kelly Rimmer really did her research and portrayed the illness really well As somebody who suffers from mental illness it is not always easy to read about but I felt a strong connection to these women and felt their pain Thank you to Hachette Books Australia for my advanced copy of this book to read I am looking forward to listening to Kelly talk about this book at an author even in a few weeks. 3.5 starsThis is the type of story that I felt a personal connection to but that might not be the case for every reader I thought by far the strength of the book was how the author dealt with the topic of depression, specifically postpartum depression I maybe had other issues with the book but the realistic portrayal of women battling depression made this a worthwhile read for me.Beth Walsh dreamt of becoming a mother but now that she has a newborn, she has found she is struggling to adjust Her father has dementia and has moved into a care facility, so Beth takes up the task of sorting thru his house and belongings in case the home ends up being put up for sale Beth is surprised to discover journal entries from her late mother who died when Beth was a small child What initially seems like a wonderful opportunity to get to learn about the mother she barely remembers, soon indicates there are some dark family secrets that have been kept for decades.The story alternates between Beth as a mother in the 1990s and the late 1950s when Beth s mother, Grace, is struggling to raise her 4 small children I thought the story was greatly enhanced by the author s decision to show the two different time periods and how a subject like postpartum depression was handled in the 1950s vs the modern 1990s era Without getting into spoilers, there s another issue that is tackled in the 1950s storyline that at the very least is thought provoking and again gets you comparing the two different eras.Even though I did feel for what Beth was dealing with as a new mother, I can t say she is my favorite female lead character But I don t think you necessarily have to like a person to be able to understand and relate to some of their problems and therefore feel somewhat of a connection Again, I really don t know if this is the book for everyone Even though I got something out of it, other readers might find there just isn t enough here to sustain their interest I received a free advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI think this might be a better fit for readers who really enjoy mysteries written in the vein of Liane Moriarty in the sense that the focus of the story is less on the payoff of the suspense and on the relationship between characters in the home TRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOU is a domestic mystery that revolves around three women Beth, Maryanne, and Grace.Beth s father is suffering from cognitive decline due to complications from illness and Beth is in the process of cleaning out the family home When she reaches the attic, she learns secrets about her father as well as her mother, who she believed died in a car accident when she was young The truth might be infinitely complicated, and leads Beth and therefore the reader, by proxy down a rabbit hole of family secrets and lies.I thought the beginning of the book was good Beth s narrative is sympathetic she s a mother and a wife, but isn t as in love with the idea as she feels she should be When she finds her mother, Grace s, letters, there s a sense of simpatico because she, a woman who was married in the 1950s, also seems to feel trapped and without options Both narratives deal pretty heavily in the almost claustrophobic implications of traditional marriage roles and what that can mean for a woman I liked the feminist bent to this novel and thought it had some interesting ideas which I wish had been explored a little thoroughly and thoughtfully to that extent.Without going into spoilers, I ll say that the ending was a bit disappointing After reading 300 pages and being mired in this mystery, I was hoping for something a bit dramatic and shocking Beth, Grace, and Maryanne never really popped off the page for me and remained cold and remote and interchangeable I think TRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOU tries to tell a feminist story of suspense, and I think maybe I would have liked this if I hadn t just read Tanen Jones s THE BETTER LIAR, a book with a similar theme that does TRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOU one better.I m not sure why this book was compared to Jodi Picoult as it isn t really Even if you hate Jodi Picoult s writing, her books are heavily emotional almost manipulatively so , whereas this one was cold and emotionless I definitely think Liane Moriarty is a apt comparison and if you enjoy her work, you will likely enjoy this one, as well Best of luck to you Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2 to 2.5 stars Beth Walsh was the youngest of the four siblings Tim the oldest by only three years, with twins Ruth and Jeremy in between Their mother Grace had been dead since they were toddlers and their father, Patrick had cared for them since As a single father, he was devoted to his four children and as a result they were all very close With Patrick having recently been moved to a care facility, ill with dementia and heart failure, the siblings were trying to come to terms with his imminent death Beth in particular wasn t coping Her baby, Noah was only five months old and she was struggling with motherhood, determined to carry on regardless.When Beth found loose papers in the attic of her father s home, yellowed with age, which appeared to have been written by her mother, she was confused The dates were wrong she could remember her mother reading to her at bedtime cuddling her when she was sad But how could she remember when according to the dates she was too young Beth s husband and siblings were worried about her she wasn t behaving rationally had withdrawn from everyone Their love and concern didn t penetrate through Beth s wall of despair something would have to give Truths I Never Told You is another dynamic novel by Aussie author Kelly Rimmer Postpartum depression can strike anyone the research Ms Rimmer has done on this subject is obvious Through the generations women have suffered in silence, while men, for the most, have been unaware of their partner s raging thoughts Now things are different from back in the mid to late 50s and into the 60s thankfully, because although postpartum depression is still with us, treatment is much further advanced Truths I Never Told You is a heartbreaking tale, touching, poignant as well as uplifting the love that binds family members tight can sometimes break them apart Told in the voices of Beth, Grace and Maryanne, Truths I Never Told You is one I highly recommend.With thanks to Hachette AU for my ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. ANOTHER SURE FIRE HIT FROM KELLY RIMMER Beth Walsh is the youngest in her family, she has two brothers Tim and Jeremy and an older sister Ruth Despite the loss of their mother Grace in a car accident when they were all toddlers, they had a happy childhood, the family was very close and they all loved their dad Patrick.Recently Patrick s health had started to decline, he had heart problems and was now suffered from dementia The siblings had to make the difficult choice of putting their dad into an aged care home and then decide what to do with his house Beth put her hand up, she offered to clean out her dad s home as she s on maternity leave, and she has a five month old baby named Noah and has the time Beth s husband Hunter and her siblings have been worried about her, they ask her all the time if she is ok, and she tells them she s fine, but she s not herself and they re not sure if her tackling the house is a good idea Beth is a psychologist so admitting she s having problems coping with motherhood, and seeking medical advice, she s very worried how it might affect her career and she thinks she can deal with it by herself.While cleaning out her dad s house, Beth noticed the attic door had a lock on it, it s rather odd and she can t understand why her dad had a lock installed When she finally gained access to the room she is shocked to find it s a total mess, her dad had turned into a hoarder and he also had taken up painting While wading through the mess in her father s attic she found an old photo album, it contained her parents wedding photos as well as some old papers and she assumed they were written by her mother When she started reading about her dad as a young husband she s rather shocked, her mother complained about him staying out late after work, not helping her at all with her four children, he spent money that should have been used to pay the families bills and her father drank a lot The dad Beth grew up with worked hard, he ran a successful building company, he was responsible, everyone liked him and he was a wonderful father.Beth had no idea about her mother s side of the family at all, as she delved deeper into the past she uncovered she has an Aunt Maryanne, her mother s sister and she s still alive With so many unanswered questions, she contacted her Aunt, she hopes she can shed some light on her parent s marriage and her mother s death The book has a dual time line it s about Grace and Maryanne in the 1950 s and Beth in the 1990 s It works well, I had no trouble following the story and going between the two time frames.Soon it s very obvious that both Beth and her mother Grace struggled as new mothers, it s not just sleep deprivation, being tired or not having any time to themselves, they both felt like they carried this huge weight of expectation on their shoulders and it s a very heavy burden.Mother and daughter suffered from post partum depression, but during the 1950 s when Patrick took Grace to the doctor, Grace received no help at all and she just had to accept that when women married, they had babies and sometimes than you wanted to have or could cope with looking after.I highly recommend reading The Truths I Never Told You it s an emotional book to read, it s heartbreaking, full of family secrets and a times it s very confronting It tackles very relevant subjects such as post partum depression, motherhood, contraception, society s expectation, infertility and family life I enjoyed the book, all thoughts expressed in this review are my own, thanks NetGalley and Hachette Australia for my copy and I gave the book four stars.I have shared my review on Goodreads, Twitter, NetGalley, Australian and my blog.https karrenreadsbooks.blogspot.com Four and a half stars.Back in 1959 Grace is a young mother with for children under four, two of them twins But Grace is struggling to deal with the situation and cannot share what she is feeling with anyone Though she loves her husband Patrick, who her well to do family never wanted her to marry, he is no help In desperation she pours out her feelings and fears into the pages of a notebook She hides the notebook in a safe place where she knows Patrick will never see it Another pregnancy sends Grace into spin Desperate, she turns to her unmarried sister Maryanne for help.The second story takes place in 1996 when Beth s father is diagnosed with dementia He also has heart failure Despite his wish to stay at home Beth and her siblings make the decision to put their beloved father into care It is a painful decision for this close family, Tim, Ruth, Jeremy and Beth, who have been raised and cared for by their devoted single father To pay for the care home they will need to clear out and sell the family home Beth, who after waiting so long to become a mother is now struggling to cope with 5 month old Noah Shouldn t it be getting easier by now But it doesn t feel that way While clearing out the house Beth uncovers a series of notes that seem to belie the story that Beth s mother died in a car accident She is determined to uncover the truth But will doing so do harm than good Or will it provide some significant and enlightening, answers The topic of postpartum depression has obviously been well researched Every word comes across as authentic The lack of birth control back in the day only added to the problems of families trying to deal with too many children that they could often not adequately afford to feed and clothe Thankfully there is known about the problem now than there was back in the times when this book is set and since then availability and attitudes towards contraception has changed a lot.I found this a riveting read and could feel for Grace and Beth Because the characters were so life like and well drawn and conditions so constricting, it actually made me feel depressed Which shows how well written it is But I certainly couldn t have stopped reading it either No matter what your views on certain subjects, this is a thought provoking novel that tugs at the emotions Ii is certainly a worthwhile and engrossing read I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book from Hachette Australia to read and review Thanks so much Glad I had the chance to read this much talked about book.Not sure that the quote from Sally Hepworth comparing it to Jodi Picoult is helpful though I get sick of these comparisons between authors which often don t hold up This is a poignant read, well executed with complex characters, interesting themes, and it doesn t need such comparisons It stands on its own merits Definitely a book that will get readers in and would make an excellent book club choice as there is lots to ponder and discuss. Fans Of Jodi Picoult And Kristin Hannah Now Have A New Go To Author Sally Hepworth, Bestselling Author Of The Secrets Of MidwivesFrom The Bestselling Author OfThe Things We Cannot Say Comes A Poignant Novel About The Fault In Memories And The Lies That Can Bond A Family Together Or Tear It ApartWith Her Father Recently Moved To A Care Facility For His Worsening Dementia, Beth Walsh Volunteers To Clear Out The Family Home And Is Surprised To Discover The Door To Her Childhood Playroom Padlocked She S Even Shocked At What S Behind It A Hoarder S Mess Of Her Father S Paintings, Mounds Of Discarded Papers And Miscellaneous Junk In The Otherwise Fastidiously Tidy HouseAs She Picks Through The Clutter, She Finds A Loose Journal Entry In What Appears To Be Her Late Mother S Handwriting Beth And Her Siblings Grew Up Believing Their Mother Died In A Car Accident When They Were Little Than Toddlers, But This Note Suggests Something Much Darker Beth Soon Pieces Together A Disturbing Portrait Of A Woman Suffering From Postpartum Depression And A Husband Who Bears Little Resemblance To The Loving Father Beth And Her Siblings Know With A Newborn Of Her Own And Struggling With Motherhood, Beth Finds There May Be Tying Her And Her Mother Together Than She Ever SuspectedExploring The Expectations Society Places On Women Of Every Generation, Kelly Rimmer Explores The Profound Struggles Two Women Unwittingly Share Across The Decades Set Within An Engrossing Family Mystery That May Unravel Everything They Believed To Be True As I ve said time and time again, Kelly Rimmer found her way into my heart when I first read Before I Let You Go and when I read The Things We Cannot Say, she permanently cemented her place on my favorite author list I have always been in awe of Rimmer s talent to write across a variety of genres and excel in each genre In Truths I Never Told You, we have a mix of contemporary and the 1960s as our dual timelines and the subject in question is postpartum depression Rimmer creates characters that jump off the page and the reader can truly empathize with The dual timelines in her work always add an extra layer of complexity while we try to gauge how the two might come together In Truths I Never Told You, each timeline stands out on it s own and the melding of the two just increases that This story will give you a lot to think about in terms of how society has changed from the 60s but also in the ways change is still needed As always, I can appreciate the dilemmas and questions Rimmer poses through her characters The worst part of this Reading the last page and knowing I will have to wait months for a new book from this sharp voice Thank you to Harlequin Graydon House for an advance copy All opinions are my own. Kelly Rimmer has firmly cemented herself as one of my favorite authors Her newest was another emotionally gutting tale, beautifully woven and completely relatable She weaves dual timelines and multiple viewpoints seamlessly In Truths I Never Told You, she perfectly captured the stigma of mental illness and the progression of the mental health field from the 1960 s until today While we ve come a long way, we still have work to do to end the stigma and that is perfectly reflected in this book The plot moves along nicely with some well timed twists This powerful tale is compelling, relatable, and emotionally charged The author tackles heavy topics with grace and respect I absolutely loved this book and will place it in my top reads of 2020 For me, this was a firm 5 Thank you to the publisher for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.

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