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The Shining Light Of The World, The Great Alexius Anna Comnena Wrote The Alexiad As An Account Of The Reign Of Her Father, The Byzantine Emperor Alexius I It Is Also An Important Source Of Information On The Byzantine War With The Normans, And The First Crusade, In Which Alexius Participated While The Byzantines Were Allied To The Crusaders, They Were None The Less Critical Of Their Behaviour And Anna S Book Offers A Startlingly Different Perspective From That Of Western Historians Her Character Sketches Are Shrewd And Forthright From The Norman Invader Robert Guiscard Nourished By Mainfold Evil And His Son Bohemond Like A Streaking Thunderbolt To Pope Gregory VII Unworthy Of A High Priest The Alexiad Is A Vivid And Dramatic Narrative, Which Reveals As Much About The Character Of Its Intelligent And Dynamic Author As It Does About The Fascinating Period Through Which She LivedERA Sewter S Translation Captures All The Strength And Immediacy Of The Original And Is Complemented By An Introduction That Examines Anna S Life And Times This Edition Also Includes Maps, Appendices, Genealogical Tables, A Bibliography And Indexes Of Events And Names The Alexiad

About the Author: Anna Comnena

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Alexiad book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Comnena author readers around the world.

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    I ve been thinking a lot about reviewing lately.For a time I considered stopping entirely It sometimes gets very stressful to read a book while searching for quotes to use and things to mention, not being able to actually enjoy the book because too much time and focus goes towards planning the eventual review.Which is bloody ridiculous.It s sad to say this, but I ve b

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    Edward Gibbons of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire fame, has left a long lasting slander upon the Eastern Roman,or Byzantine, Empire So long lasting was it that it permeated the writings of other historians,popular fiction writers, even a couple of Italian blood sandal movies of the early sixties Gibbons, I believe, suffered from an elitism that all good things c

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    What would Byzantine history be like if it was written by a sour and snippily self conscious Victorian governess Thanks to Anna Comnena, we don t have to wonder Full review now available on Vintage Novels

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    For me the most interesting thing about Anna Comena s biography of her father is how much hard work it was to be a Byzantine Emperor.There seem to be constant hordes of enemies, external and internal, while every soldier to fight in their support needs to scrapped from the bottom of the barrel.Her narrative is indispensable for those interested in the 1st crusade and is ironic

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    this gets 4 stars for the edition, not the text which is fine.I had the luxury of reading this in tandem with a number of other less contemporary takes of the Crusades, like Edward Gibbon and Steven Runciman s First Crusade and stillrecent things So I was able to construct a timeline and make sense on my own of the various names and families and places and loyalties and why and w

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    An intimdating read I d given up on this several times before now and this time I only got over a major hump by it being the only book on hand when I had to spend a night waiting in the emergency room The book can often become less a narrative anda numbing parade of seiges and names I find it difficult to imagine why anyone would want to become emperor at all, you would never have a

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    Always feels a bit strange writing a review for something written almost a thousand years ago I can t imagine Anna Comnena herself would be very amused by the idea of any old pleb on social media being able to pass comment upon her history It goes without saying that the Alexiad has tremendous value as a piece of source material but I guess the whole point of reviews on Goodreads is to

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    I enjoyed the undercurrent of gleeful malice and all of the lurid eye gouging, but I didn t understand why everyone seemed to have the same name, why they had all married each other s cousins, and why they all wanted to kill each other The footnotes assumed I d need help figuring out who the Gorgon was, and other references to Greek mythology, but provided no assistance with any of the By

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    I fell in love with Turks here, and possibly with history I came to this young, a lucky chance.

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    Anna Komnene wordt beschouwd als de eerste vrouwelijke historicus, maar ze was ook een Byzantijnse prinses en in dit boek vertelt ze over het bewind van haar eigen vader, keizer Alexios I van het Oost Romeinse rijk Anna doet dit op zeer eigenzinnige wijze ze beweert herhaaldelijk de waarheid te willen vertellen en niet aan verheerlijking te willen doen, maar het leuke is dat ze zich slecht aan

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