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Έπος του Διγενή Ακρίτη Among The Epic Romances Of Post Barbarian Europe, Such As Roland And El Cid, Digenis Akritas Has Been The Least Known In The West Outside Greece It Is The Story Of A Half Breed Prince Who Guarded The Eastern Border Of The Roman Empire Of Byzantium On The Euphrates In The Tenth Century His Name And Cognomen Sum Up The Curious Richness Of The Heritage Roman By Politics, Arab And Cappadocian By Birth, Greek In Language And Orthodox By Faith Basil, The Two Blood Border LordOn An Incursion Into Byzantine Territory, An Arab Emir Captures A Christian Lady Her Relatives, In Raiding To Rescue Her, Convert The Emir And His People To Christianity And Bring Them Back To The Empire Basil Is Born Of This Union A Prodigy Of Valor, His Miraculous Strength In Hunting And In Battle Win Him An Arab Bride And The Loyalty Of Her Family He Settles In A Splendid Garden Palace By The Euphrates, Pacifies The Border, Fights Dragons And Bandits Only To Die Young At The Same Instant As His WifeThe Poem In English Verse Translation Is Full Of Humor, Fairy Tale, And A Moving Religious Devotion It Recaptures An Urbane Vanished CivilizationThe Translator Has Collated All The Known Texts And Supports The Translation With Commentary, A Bibliography, And A Map

10 thoughts on “Έπος του Διγενή Ακρίτη

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    Again, the star rating is not exactly for this kind of reading.This is a very readable blank verse translation of a medieval epic apparently well known in Greece, but little heard of elsewhe

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    I hate quibbling over star ratings, but this one could probably be a 3.5 It gets 4 from me not from any great literary quality, but because it s a treat to see the strange mix of romance, folklore and

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    3.5 4.

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    What I learned Greco Syrian epics are for the insane.

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    This was such a different story.

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    Kind of super crazy, but entertaining none the less Not my favorite read from my Classics class 2 2 1 2 stars

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    Excellent translation of a major but very unknown Greek Byzantine poem.

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